Are you a Tourist or a Traveller?

Greetings traveller,

Much like favourite genres of music or literature vary from person to person, the way people travel also varies. Some like to capture each and every moment in their cameras while others venture out to soak up every moment and capture them in their memories. Some may look for the best restaurants to eat at while others would walk towards the shanty, yet tasteful establishments.

Take a look to find out what kind of a person are you:


1 – You just landed. How do you get to your hotel?

A) A hotel transfer is waiting for you at arrivals.

B) The low-priced local metro system.

2 – It’s lunch time. Where do you eat?

A) The highly recommended restaurant you found online.

B) The local you met invited you to his house for lunch.

3 – You’re in a new city. How do you explore?

A) You find a guided bike tour.

B) You rent a bike and explore by yourself.

4 – Time for a drink! Where do you go?

A) Take a tour of the famous rum factory and sample their rum.

B) A Dominican Republic drive-thru bar.

5 – You have a free day. What do you do?

A) Explore the top 5 places in your guidebook.

B) Get lost in the city and see where you end up.

6- You climb down into a cave and it’s full of water. What do you do?

A) Take a picture to show your friends.

B) Strip down and jump in.

7 – You pass by a fruit stand. Which fruit do you buy?

A) Your favourite fruit.

B) A fruit you’ve never tried before.

8 – You spend a few days at an all-inclusive resort, how long do you spend at the beach?

A) As long as possible.

B) Never felt the sand, too busy exploring the city.

9 – You have the option to stay at two places for the night. Where do you stay?

A) A luxury cabin on the beach for $200/night.

B) A cool hostel in the city for $20/night.

10 – It’s your last day, what do you have to bring home with you?

A) Souvenirs to remind me of my time.

B) Stories to remind me of my time.


If you didn’t guess already, A’s were for Tourists, B’s were for Travellers. Which did you get the most?


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