Spaghetti Bolognese or the Italian Yoda Pasta


Greetings travellers,

The boyfriend here.

Decided to hop on and share our cooking journey we had the other day.  A tiny Italian man popped up on my shoulder and whispered “Pasta, make-a you must-a”

Yes, it was an Italian Yoda, deal with it.

Anyway here’s a list of what I used, it’s an old recipe, me mum makes pasta like this every time so I’ve seen it made a hundred times, anyway, here come the ingredients:

  • 1x Pasta(duh) – just get some regular ass spaghetti, should do the job. You can test with different kinds, but cooking time varies.
  • 300-500g minced meat, I used a mixture of pork and veal.
  • Half an onion head.
  • Marinara sauce and a secret ingredient that I might never reveal (I do, 10 minutes down the post)
  • 2-3 garlic cloves.
  • Some smoked bacon
  • Some more stuff that I was too lazy to put in here, but you’ll definitely see in the recipe (I know, I am an asshole for that, but the kitchen is for experiments)

So Gordon Ramsay says there’s only one way to keep your knives sharp, sharpen them before and after every use.


Here’s a link on how to properly use this tool and keep your knives sharp.

Of course I am gona link a Ramsay video, get used to it!

What you want to do next is grab that bacon, garlic and onion. Cry a little, it’s good for the soul AND CRY YOU SHOULD FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO THAT POOR ONION.

Chop chop


After you chop everything start on the pasta. What you want to do is put enough water so that it covers the whole of pasta. Boil the water and only after it’s boiled put the pasta in. Also put a table spoon of salt.

Salt does wonders and brings out the flavour in the pasta.

Next up, put some oil in a pan and throw that bacon and onion in there. Don’t put the garlic in yet, if you do, it will fry too fast and then it becomes crunchy. We’ll add that later with the meat.


Cook those up for a few minutes until you start to get that iconic frying onion smell. Wish there was a way to share smells online..or maybe not now that I think about it. What if someone sends you a smell you hate..ah a new era of internet trolls.

Anyway back to the Italian Yoda Pasta. That’s what I’m calling it now.

Put the meat in, put the garlic in – doesn’t matter if you crush it or cut it, up to you.


Stir the shit out of that meat bro/girl.

Here’s a photo of the spices and stuff I used. From left to right:

Black pepper, Basil, Oregano (note to self, this smelled like a really old shoe box so we are due for a new one, or maybe that’s how it smells), salt, marinara sauce or just a basic tomato sauce with mushrooms. Last but not least – something that you might not be able to find everywhere, it’s a traditional Bulgarian “sauce” and it’s called Lutenica. Made from red peppers and tomatoes. Fantastic stuff.


Obviously we put all that fantastic magic in there.



Maximum pouring skills activated.

Hey, get back on track! Mind the pasta aye? Gotta stir the shit out of the pasta too, every 1-2 minutes even. Don’t let it stick together. Check the cooking time on the package and always try it 2 minutes before the designated time, the pasta continues to cook even after you shut the heat.


Time to get it out, get rid of all the water, but keep 1 glass of it. Drain the rest and then rinse the pasta under cold water, drain again and then add that one glass. Stir a bit and let it steam.

*You can also add some butter to smoothen it a little bit, but I rarely do it. Becomes kinda heavy for the stomach.



And here it is, I ended up putting some spring onion for colour. The bacon and minced meat mix together to create a euphoria of taste in your mouth. Dirty stuff eh?


Try the Italian Yoda pasta yourself and let me know how it all went.


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