It’s trip time- pack the essentials!

Greetings travellers,

I wish you all a relaxing and sunny Wednesday – I will be going away for a couple of days and wanted to show you my travel favourites!

When you go on holiday – always pack the essentials! For me these are the products in the picture:

  • – BALEA Pflegecreme Best Wishes hand cream with aroma of orange and grapefruit;
    – Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals palette of eye shadows with a mirror and applicator – incredibly pigmented and definitely not dusty, like other palettes I had before;
    – Naked 3 Urban Decay palette of eye shadows with mirror and applicator – my newest favourite palette in the collection that has beautiful soft and spring colours;
    – My must haves palette – palette + 4 separate colours (01 go goldie !, 02 all I need, 05 cotton candy, 10 apricots);
    – Blush up! Blush for a face – I admit it was a gift from RoseRed’s Beauty Blog, which I sincerely thank her for;
    – And my favourite brushes – the one with a white handle on is from Essence and I use it to apply foundation on my skin and the other is ordered online by Alixpress, but is so fluffy – I use for applying blush.

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