It’s trip time- pack the essentials!

Greetings travellers,

I wish you all a relaxing and sunny Wednesday – I will be going away for a couple of days and wanted to show you my travel favourites!

When you go on holiday – always pack the essentials! For me these are the products in the picture:

  • – BALEA Pflegecreme Best Wishes hand cream with aroma of orange and grapefruit;
    – Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals palette of eye shadows with a mirror and applicator – incredibly pigmented and definitely not dusty, like other palettes I had before;
    – Naked 3 Urban Decay palette of eye shadows with mirror and applicator – my newest favourite palette in the collection that has beautiful soft and spring colours;
    – My must haves palette – palette + 4 separate colours (01 go goldie !, 02 all I need, 05 cotton candy, 10 apricots);
    – Blush up! Blush for a face – I admit it was a gift from RoseRed’s Beauty Blog, which I sincerely thank her for;
    – And my favourite brushes – the one with a white handle on is from Essence and I use it to apply foundation on my skin and the other is ordered online by Alixpress, but is so fluffy – I use for applying blush.

Fragrance by Essence Cosmetics Bulgaria #mymessage – love!

Greetings travellers,

Happy Tuesday – and this one smell to me like Spring!

Tuesday favourite: Fragrance by Essence Cosmetics Bulgaria #mymessage – love!

 I know the collection is already old and it can hardly be found in shops (of course, the market will have similar to it), I love it a lot and it’s my constant companion. These days it will even join me on my short trip to Romania.

What is spring without spring flavours? I, as a huge lover of sweet flavours, immediately stuck to this one like a honey fly – or rather a cherry! 🍒

Light notes of mandarin, grapefruit, raspberry and pear can also be felt, giving it a more romantic smell.

I will leave a link to the Essencè website where there is more information about all ingredients and about the product itself:



Garnier “Skin Active” series face mask

Greetings travellers,

It’s Sunday! The best day to be lazy, read and chill with the people you love!

Today I wanted to introduce you to one of my favourite Garnier face masks – the intensely moisturising skin mask for dehydrated skin from the “Skin Active” series – Garnier Skin Active Moisture + Aqua Bomb Tissue Mask with pomegranate extract.

Of all 3 cotton masks that are in this series – this fits most perfectly on my skin type. The mask is made of cotton cloth that perfectly adheres to the face and is soaked in concentrated serum that further moisturises the tired skin. The mask has glycerin and hyaluronic acid that act anti-inflammatory and soothes the skin of the face. It’s enough to use 1 mask for 15 minutes. The amount of serum in it is enough to feed your skin for 1 week.

I will also allow myself to leave a little bit of information from the Garnier website, where you can find more details about the mask, which is appropriate for your skin type, all the ingredients, and especially how it’s put on the face:…/g…/moisture-bomb/masks-innovation


Get that stuning Naked 3 by Urban Decay look

Greetings travellers,

I hope you are doing well so far in this Friday! I will be jumping to a new topic that I would like to talk to you about on this blog – cosmetics!

I believe that we can all agree that the best friend to a pretty girl after diamonds are makeup palettes!

So, I decided to give you some makeup ideas on what you can do with your Urban Decay Naked 3 palette or any similar colours you might find in other eyeshadow sets. Let’s go!

A look perfect for the Spring! I love those almost creamy pink colours!


Step by step stunning smoky look!



By far those are my favourite looks using the combination from the palette. You can always do the same looks using different products or colours – just need to follow the steps so the result is the same at the end.

To all ya out there – see you in the next exciting post!