Brandon Sanderson – tour, lecture, images

Greetings traveller,

I hope you missed me – cuz here I am with yet another post! Get excited – this one is going to be about books!

So, maybe you don’t know – but Brandon Sanderson is visiting my country today – online I found all this great photos and videos and writing lectures that he gave, which can really help you if you are into that. So, here we go:

Fist arriving into Sofia – Artline Studios store, who publish his books here!
The blogger meeting – a short get together with some Bulgarian fantasy bloggers!
Guess what – time for some autographs – get in line!

And some interviews with the author (it’s a Facebook link – so log on there):

And here is the writing lecture for you all:

Well, this post will be short – but I hope that you can stay get some enjoyment from it!

Till our next great adventure!


Chicken with cream and mushroom sauce

Greetings traveller,

What have you been up to these days? Ah, me you ask – you can check in yet another random post below. Let’s explore together!

Just wanted to deliver to you an interesting post – this time about food. Please do excuse my non-professional cooking language as I am definitely not aware of all the appropriate terms to use – here we go:



  • skin-on chicken, with no bones
  • salt, black pepper, red pepper, basil, dry parsley
  • cooking oil


  • fresh/marinated mushrooms
  • liquid cream
  • salt, black pepper, red pepper, basil


As I do not have an oven at home – I mostly stick to easily cooked dishes on normal hot plates.

Get all the needed ingredients chopped up – you need to be ready and prepared and avoid the chicken and mushrooms to get burnt!

  • Prepare the meat – chop it up into little pieces and place it all in a bowl. After, place some oil in them and all the spices you might like in a normal chicken meat – I put salt, black pepper, red pepper, basil and dry parsley – in my meat. Get those all those mixed up together!

  • Get that meat in the already pre-heated pan and keep it there till all the meat pieces became white in colour. When you believe it’s done (it should not take too long – 5 min tops), place all the meat in a clean deep plate.
  • As the pain has still some of the juice left from the meat – use it for your sauce. Put 2-3 spoons of the cream and as much as you like from the mushrooms – mixed them up once more – put some spices in there as well!
  • After the sauce is all heated – put the meat back in the pan and fix all for 2-3 min.


It seems that you are done – it was very easy, right? And at the end of the day – you are cooking god:


Oh, well – that’s all for today’s post – cya in another adventure down the road!


Photography 101

Greetings traveller,

I welcome you to another random exciting post!

This one is going to be about my short Peculiar photo shoot at home – all you really need is just daylight, perfectly picked spot and a natural composition – and *woala* – the below will be the result. Don’t forget to pick the right focus for the perfect photo! It really makes a difference:









I can bet you see what difference the focus makes in a photo – you can switch from the flowers and desert to the book cover in a flash.

One more just to make a point of what you need:

And the rest is just a little fun – playing with different decoration and the camera itself. You can so easily create exactly what you need for your project:

And my personal favourite:

A little practice makes perfect.. photos in this case! Now go and have fun in the wild nature called town!

Till next time!


A new adventure begins

Greetings traveller,

This is going to be my first post of many “Random” ones.

I am going to make you part of my life…in a way – so I hope you like this lazy purple world place and just be free and let yourself smile! 🙂

While sitting 8 hours a day in the same chair and trying to think of thinks do to when there is simply no work – I think of going out of town and just running away wild and free into a green field of flowers:

Well, who can me miserable in a field of joy…

So, there is a lot of new things in my life – but I will tell them to you one at a time – don’t want to overwhelm you… These days I am mostly thinking about all the things I do have to appreciate more and future projects I want to work on, some home decor ideas are floating into my mind on daily basis and also ways to maybe make more money and travel around.

Well really thinking about going to purchase the below stuff – let me know if you like links for them:

 Gorgeous looking Steampunk necklace

Adorable Hook Stand for my kitchen – really need one at the moment and I have no way of drealing into my already setup kitchen.

Amazing Packman dress – definitely not looking like a costume, so that’s a plus.

The most adorable paper bookmarks that I have seen – my books are going to love them.


Also, this arrived today – cute headband that I think I will wrap around my hair when I make it into a bun – that happens a lot:


Well, cya in another random post in which I have no idea what I going to talk to you about – but let’s see!